I spent a day with a seamstress from Nottingham. Emma Louise-Butler works for a local vintage store COW Nottingham. Her job is to re-work vintage clothing into modern styles. She has her own workshop upstairs where she re-hems, stitches and seams.

Emma leaving work at the end of the day

On an average day she will re-work up to twenty new lines of clothing. She chooses the fabric and then creates these new styles. Her skill set is vital to the business, as a vintage store they constantly need clothing repaired. Emma though doesn’t just repair, she like to think that she re-inspires the clothing.

The completed pieces of re-work.

When asked about how much enjoyment she gets from the job she says; “Yes, I love my work I have my own space and am free to create whatever I believe will sell. They trust me here and trust my judgement.”

The old-fashioned brother sewing machine.

I wanted to follow Emma for the day because I find her work so intriguing. The job of a seamstress sounds like work from the middle ages, and in a time where machinery is taking over it was interesting to witness this age old art-form.

From the machinery to the style and trends of the clothing everything about COW seems to be from a different era. But it works and COW is one of the most popular shops in Nottingham.

All of this does not matter too much to Emma. She just enjoys her work and will continue to seam without any stress.

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