In an age where highstreet fashion rules supreme, craftsmanship and the ethos of ‘built to last’ seem to be all but forgotten. In this instalment of Creative Stories, we meet Lilly Deeming, the young craftswoman keeping tradition by creating high quality, bespoke shoes.

Having studied footwear design at De Montfort University, Lilly was able to set up her own studio and immerse herself within her craft. Backed by the Princes Trust, who saw her potential, and aided her to establish herself in Nottingham.

In order to hone her skills further, she began working at the renowned, Peter Bullock’s shoemakers. Peters, established in 1980, are known for their selection of handcrafted footwear; stocking esteemed brands such as Trickers, Loake, Barker and Church’s, alongside Lilly’s designs.

As a designer and maker working for Pete, she has been granted the creative license to freely experiment and explore with the materials she has at her disposal. Not one to follow the traditional linear design process, Lilly prefers to get stuck in and let her creativity guide her through the production of her shoes. She likes to move fast, from having an initial spark of an idea, she’ll start straight away, and as the process goes on the shoe will organically evolve, trusting her instincts to create the perfect final product.

You can find Lilly in the workshop at Peters, 14 Low Pavement, Nottingham. Be sure to pop by to check her marvellous creations in store.

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