We can feed the current seven billion people on the planet, but we will not be able to feed the next seven billion. Capitalism is destroying our soils and putting a knife in the backs of farmers.

The sustainability of farming and the ensuing Soil Crisis is an issue often overlooked by both the media and politicians alike but there is a reason many environmentalists, scientists and researchers refer to it not just as an issue but as a crisis.

It is becoming increasingly evident that social, political and economic reforms are needed to address the crisis but so far calls for change have fallen on deaf ears and time is running out.

With 2015 supposedly the International Year of Soils this radio documentary investigates the impact that unsustainable farming is having, what has been done to combat it and what further work needs to be done by the current generation to ensure future generations do not starve.

‘war, pestilence, even climate change, are trifles by comparison. Destroy the soil and we all starve.’

George monbiot, environmental journalist

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