2015 was a prolific year for activism. Numerous causes and campaigns grabbed the headlines and stirred up public debate. This documentary will explore the world of activism, investigating what motivates campaigners and how they are perceived within wider society.

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The rise of Jeremy Corbyn brought left-wing ideals to the forefront of political debate and encouraged many to become involved in activism. His beliefs have greatly divided public opinion, and now it’s not hard to find someone willing to share their perspective on left-wing politics and activism.

This documentary investigates whether there is popular support and empathy for activism, or if the ideals are met with distrust and a dismissive attitude.

Beyond societal attitudes, I look into how the government are reacting to activism and a leading academic in the field, Ben Harbisher, informs me on the changing regulation that may limit our fundamental right to protest.

In the short documentary I speak to numerous activists to gain an understanding of their motives and hear their account of how they think they are portrayed in society.

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