Social media, magazines and films have re-shaped the way we define the male body. This image of the muscular man has become somewhat unattainable. This has led to men using any means to become more muscular. Whether it be cosmetics or drugs this redefined image of the male body is having an unhealthy effect.

The definition of body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception. Therefore the idea of body image is unique from person to person. Different countries will have a certain perception of male body image.








These images are taken from the poll perceptions of perfection. A team of graphic designers edited the original image to align with that countries perfect man. Each image is drastically different. The image of the man from the U.K. shows an average build male. However, two out of three men in the U.K. are unhappy with their own body.

Sports Psychologist Michael Buttler has his own theory on why this is the case, “Many men believe they need to go a step further to reach that perfect image, but if they are uncertain to what that is they will just keep going further and further”.

By asking members of the public their opinion it is clear that there is not one singular definition of what a man should look like. Everyone is different and men should not feel like they need to adhere to the medias ideals.

The worrying element is that men will not seek help when it is an issue about their body. Instead they will look at what their friends and what social media tells them. There needs to be more transparency in the way we talk about the male body.

These links go to several sites which help explain what is a healthy male body;

National eating disorder collaboration 

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Body Image concerns more men than women

There has been a change in perception in the male body and it has caused a negative effect on society. The male body image needs to be discussed in the same light as a women’s. Only then might we see men being more open and satisfied with the way they look.